Wednesday, March 5, 2008


The overall goal of the proposed blogsphere is for everyone worldwide to read about MSUans points of views about the MINSUPALA REGION. There are several MSUans from all ages (1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, 2000's) who are reluctant to participate actively in the current MSUan e!Groups (e.g., Goggle, Yahoo, MEVN) due to several reasons.

Primarily, they prefer to be anonymous and just be readers or listeners.
Secondly, internet inadequacy and inaccessability prevents several MSUans to participate.
Thirdly, the younger generations of MSUans prefer different flatforms to interact with fellow MSUans.
I am sure there are other reasons which are personal in nature that need to be left unsaid.

Less than 3,000 MSUans are now actively participating in various MSUans e!Groups. There are good reasons to further increase this number to enhance the visibility of MSUans voice in cyberspace.

I fully support the plan to develop and maintain an MSUan blogsphere where MSUans can to their hearts content subject to some guidelines express their points of views about the MINSUPALA REGION.

In this connection, let us deal with the logistics of developing this blogsphere:

Select three volunteer moderators
Create blog site
Advertise blog site by print and e!media
Formulate blogging guidelines
Let the work and fun begin.

Circulate this blogspot to your families, friends, communities and e!Groups.

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